Young Architects from Allies and Morrison and Hawkins Brown will join those from Weston Williamson + Partners for a live streamed Design Workshop (charrette) organised by RIBA International Vice President Chris Williamson.

The young architects will be joined by students from UCL, UEL and Oxford Brookes working to the same brief as students from Santiago University Catholica on a series of sites belonging to Santiago Metro. Peter Bishop of UCL will be in Chile facilitating and organising the students there and video conferencing technology will enable the participants to exchange design ideas and suggestions for community and stakeholders’ involvement. The UK architectural practices taking part have experience of working on similar sites for TFL and Network Rail in London and elsewhere, and will be able to share knowledge of the design issues and political processes.

Chris Williamson said,
“This is an important aspect of the RIBAs plan to become a Global Membership Organisation. The RIBA currently validates many University courses throughout the world but has very little engagement with them. 5 of these courses are in Chile and this first charrette will link the students and young architects with the RIBA and also with RIBA Chartered practices. We can then build on these links going forward. It is exactly what our 1834 Royal Charter envisaged.”

There is a similar charrette planned in Hong Kong in the summer and others in the pipeline in Africa, India and the USA. It is hoped to involve the RIBA regions and utilise facilities at RIBA North for example.

“There has been lots of interest in many places and we seek to build a RIBA global community. My engagement with architects and institutes all over the world confirms that we face similar issues and there is a genuine desire for the knowledge and organisation of the RIBA to help in many different locations. The RIBA is held in great regard globally and we need to do more outreach programmes to help our colleagues overseas. To engage with students is also an important part of building for the future.”

The first charrette will be available to view online on March 8th live from Weston Williamson + Partners studio and Santiago Chile. If you would like to be involved in this or subsequent similar events please contact Chris at